by Matt Conner

Holly Starr is having more fun than ever.

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter has tested various sounds over the years, venturing between acoustic fare to pop/rock to songs with a more worshipful bent. But Starr’s most recent foray into writing with artist/producer Matthew Parker has thrown her a creative curve into the world of electronic dance music (EDM).

“Matthew is more of an EDM or pop artist himself, while I’ve got this worship side to me and even rock stuff in my past,” says Starr. “So there’s this all this together. That’s made the process really fun.”

Starr’s new release is the deluxe edition of her Human EP, originally released last fall. The extended re-release brings three new tracks to the mix, new compositions co-penned with Parker that further showcase their brand of compelling electropop.

“The last year and a half has been the most fun I’ve had as a writer and as a performer,” says Starr. “I think it takes time to find writers you really gel with. I’ve had a long journey writing over the years with a lot of great people in the past, but there’s a great energy with Matthew in the room that’s been super exciting for me.”

Starr’s fans have largely come along for the ride across genres, since the artist’s own authentic approach remains firmly in place. Plus as she describes it, the connection between Starr and her fans are rooted in more than just the recorded music.

“My fans have been really awesome, actually,” Starr says. “We did a Kickstarter for this album and that was a huge surprise. I didn’t know what to expect but the fans were so great. You’re out here doing your thing with your team and you don’t necessarily see the faces on Facebook or Instagram, so when they come out of the woodwork to say they believe in what you’re doing, it’s amazing.

“Personally I’ll get worried if I’m doing the right thing by changing it up again,” Starr continues. “There will be obviously one or two people who don’t like the latest thing, but the strongest thing I do is my live show. We tour quite a bit, so people come and hear my story and they connect there. They become supportive of the music after that, no matter which direction it goes.”

While Starr has enjoyed plenty of sonic experimentation to date, she’s also enjoying her current partnership with Parker to the point that she’s not ready to move on—yet.

“I think I’ll always have a desire to switch things up,” says Starr. “It’s fun. The more I hear the same sound, the more bored I am with it. It’s fun for me to write with new producers and gain new experiences. But with this album, I don’t feel ready to go find a new producer. To me that says that I’ve found a lane that I’m enjoying.”

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