Kate London is an indie singer/songwriter from southern California who dropped her debut single, “Love Me Right.” in 2016. With initial inspirations from famed pop artists such as Rihanna, Gwen Stephani, and Lady Gaga to name a few; drove a desire to take her own creative writing and music to a new place. Kate started out doing different features on Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B records and experimenting with different styles and genres. This led to a series of collaborations with other artists until finally making the transition into a solo Christian music artist with the release of her first official worship song “Under Your Wings,” which released in early April of 2020.

Artist Name:
Kate London


Contemporary Christian, Pop/ R&B

San Diego


Hobbies/Interests Apart from Music:
Animal Rights, Vegan Foods, Traveling, French Bulldogs, Interior Design, Camping, Nature/Outdoors, Working out, Church groups/worship team member

Last Netflix Binge:
Grace and Frankie, Ozark

Musical Influences:
Stivie Nicks, Gwen Stefani/No Doubt, Rihanna, GAWVI, Elevation Worship, Pat Barrett, Halsey, Banks

Very First Musical Purchase:
I think it was Garth Brooks on cassette tape lol I liked country as a kid.

CCM: What led you to pursue a career or ministry in music?
Kate London: I just could feel it since I was a little kid. God made me a worshiper and a creative emotional girl lol. It’s something that’s so apart of me, weather I’m singing my songs or someone else’s. It’s a special therapy for me that’s hard to explain. Music is something that can re-set me: a mindset, a feeling, a bad day, doubt fear whatever it is. Its something I need and I believe that’s how God made me, and its such a part of who I am. I knew I had to go for it with the creativity/gift inside me. I also feel I have many stories and a testimony to share through my music; to bring others hope, joy, faith and hopefully an intimate experience some of my favorite artists have brought me through the years.

CCM: Do you remember that moment when you realized you wanted to make an actual career out of music?
Kate: When I was younger, I really loved music and always wrote poems and songs but the idea of actually being an artist felt so impossible to me. I remember being frustrated like I feel like this is what I’m supposed to do but had no idea how I would ever make it happen; fear and doubt told me know for so many years. It wasn’t until my mid 20s I really felt something in my spirit saying you really need to do something to give this a try; even though I had no connections and didn’t know anything about making music.

CCM: What are your hopes for the new project?
Kate: I have big hopes for it! I really believe this in this record and believe God can take it places I cant. I’m believing for the unbelievable!

CCM: What was the last song you listened to on your playlist or stereo?
Kate: Im loving GAWVI‘s new record, Not To Far

CCM: What was the last book you read?
Kate: I read this relationship book called He’s Lying Sis.

CCM: If you could tell the world about another artist/band to check out, who would it be?
Kate: GAWVI! I really love hip-hop music and I think he so talented and I love that he sings and raps. His music has such a great vibe beautiful melodies. Love it!

CCM: What has been interesting to you musically lately? Perhaps something new to you in terms of listening habits or influences?
Kate: I love hip hop music, I like that there are so many artists like Lecrae, Kanye West, etc that have mainstream rap style music that is faith based. I like that non-Christian artists are also collaborating with Christian artists. I’d love to see more of that, like Rihanna on a track with Lecare. Yes!

CCM: What can listeners expect in terms of the sound, style and lyrics?
Kate: This is my first true worship song, and I would relate the sound on this record to Elevation Worship or Bethel. Most of my previous music is more Christian Pop/R&B. I honestly love so many types of music I don’t want to make just one style. I’m working on 3 other singles that will be out this year that are more Christian pop-R&B similar to Wande type record.

CCM: What was the songwriting process like on this record?
Kate: When I started writing “Under Your Wings” I was reading Psalm 91 in the Bible. I started signing the scripture and recorded it on my phone. I played it over and over and just felt that I needed to make this into a real song I could just feel it in my spirit. I don’t paly an instrument, so I took it to some members on my church worship team and they helped me get it started. From there I went to Nashville to work with a producer who I specifically wanted to work with on this song. I just knew he could make it all come together. He and I finished writing the song/putting instrumentals together in a few days at his studio.

CCM: Are there any underlying themes or threads that tie this project together?
Kate: Defiantly Psalm 91 in the Bible. I was reading the scripture last year at my parents house when I was home for Christmas. It was a difficult time for me with a close friend and I knew many things where changing that I had no control over. I was anxious and just unsure about everything in my life. I sat down to read the Bible seeking wisdom and comfort from God. As I started reading Psalm 91 stuck out to me and I stayed on that scripture, reading it over and over. I remember feeling a sense of hope and peace when I read it and wanted to capture that feeling. That’s when I started singing it and felt at some point I should try and make a song based on Psalm 91 in the bible.

CCM: How important is your faith or spirituality within your music?
Kate: It’s been a journey, I started out in 2016 making non-Christian pop music that I didn’t write. I was a Christian at the time and just went with the flow of working with writers/producers. As time went on I really felt the Lord saying to make music that glorified Him and was true to who I am. I started transitioning into that by writing a lot and really getting inspired by Psalms in the Bible, messages from church and what was going on in my life. Where I’m at now its very important that I make music that incorporates my faith and that I speak the truth about my life/walk with God.

CCM: What message do you hope listeners will take away from your music, regardless of what they believe?
Kate: For this record the main thing I pray people take away is a feeling of peace and hope. I deal with anxiety more often than I would like to and I honestly listen to this song (not just because its mine) and feel this peace, its like a mental re-set for me, it’s all going to be ok, Gods got me.

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