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Since Fireflight came together 18 years ago, life in the popular rock been has proven to be one long adventure of non-stop touring and sharing empowering, hopeful rock music with fans around the world—despite growing family demands. In recent years, however, life has caught up with the Grammy nominated band, so they’ve taken time to slow down and rest.

With two new singles and a few shows on the schedule, we’re excited to say Fireflight is back! We had a chance to catch up with lead singer Dawn Michele to find out more about their new music, life off the road, and her own upcoming solo project.

CCM: What’s been going on in the world of Fireflight since your last album?
Dawn Michele: For many, many years we were gone about 3 weeks a month touring, but for the last couple years we’ve been enjoying a little more stability and home life. Both families have children now, and we’ve been enjoying letting those kids have a little bit more normalcy than living on a tour bus.

CCM: Has slowing down helped not just the kids, but you guys with your creativity?
DM: I think so. Having more restful time really helps allow the creative fires to build back up, rather than burning out because you’re constantly on the go. It can get kind of weary when you’re missing everybody’s birthdays and graduations and weddings for so long. It takes a toll on you. Now we’re excited to go play shows instead of always wishing we were home!

CCM: How did you know it was time to start making music again?
DM: Our fans have been so incredible and loyal that we wanted to keep being part of their lives. We started working with more buddies in the area, so we can just drive over and don’t have to take time off the road. Now that we work on a singles basis, we can write and create and give more time to our songs.

CCM: What’s the story behind the newest single “Die Free”?
DM: Josiah Prince, a buddy of ours from Disciple, produced it. We had a fun time; it’s one of the edgiest songs we’ve ever created! We felt like right now, in the United States and around the world, there’s a lot of stuff that people are consumed with. We’ve become obsessed with entertainment, with ourselves, with seeking our own happiness that we lose sight of what’s important—like we’re under a spell where the American Dream becomes our biggest goal. This song is like a battle cry and a wakeup call to keep the important things first—not our possessions.

CCM: Tell us about your upcoming worship album.
DM: I’m super excited about it! At one time, my husband took a job in radio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we were there for three years. That’s the time when we started slowing down our touring, so I ended up working as a worship leader at Sagebrush Church. It was an amazing time for me.

That time lit a fire in me to encourage people and create an album that would hopefully inspire people and make it easier for them to connect with God in worship. It’s been a long journey and I’m praying God will help it come to fruition and release, and that people all over will be able to use the music to help them plug into the power of God.

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