Despite his obvious wisdom and undeniable talent beyond his years, Joshua Jamison is quick to admit that he doesn’t know everything and in his opinion, these things really don’t affect someone’s ability to lead worship.

“I remember when I first saw my mom cry,” Jamison says. “I asked her what was wrong and just kept saying how good God was. I remember being confused because I was just too young to understand.”

While he might feel like he’s just begun the journey, the seed for worship was certainly planted years ago.

When he was in high school, he started getting involved in Christian clubs and organizations. It was then when he really began to see and experience true worship.

“I watched them lead worship and thought that I could do it too,” Jamison says. He stepped out in faith, bought a guitar, and simply told God to use him in whatever way he wanted.        

Before he knew it, Jamison had graduated high school and began college at Georgia Southern University and was leading worship among various groups.

“I was leading worship by my freshman and sophomore year but I didn’t have enough confidence to lead with the guitar until I was a junior,” he says.

College proved to be a vital period in Jamison’s life. In addition to finding his place leading worship, he also became acquainted with the Every Nation family of churches. When he graduated college, he decided it was time for something new so he moved to Nashville, Tenn. to attend Bethel World Outreach Church, an Every Nation church, where he continues to lead the congregation in worship. 

Being active in a local church remains at the core of not only his spiritual life but also his creative process.

“I really want to be a part of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the world,” Jamison says. “Everyone needs help, really, and I’m just here to fulfill what God is already doing.”

Jamison says that the first step of his creative process comes from being inspired from something read or heard, often from a sermon. He really pays attention to what is being spoken from other Christian leaders and tries to write worship songs that reinforce what is already being spoken to the church at large.

Being culture-minded is also extremely important to Jamison, as his home congregation is home to dozens of nationalities. He loves the sounds coming from Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, and Israel Houghton but what he brings to Bethel is unique to his community.

“At this point, I am trying to define want I want to do and how I can reach as many people as possible. That is my end goal.”

How he achieves that goal is still unclear. He is entertaining the idea of becoming a recording artist and is committed to moving through any door that God opens. But regardless of where those doors lead, he knows without a doubt that worship will always be a part of his focus.

“Life only validates worship,” he says. “The longer I live, the more I experience his goodness and the more I understand the need to worship.”

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