Netherlands-based, eclectic Christian pop/rock band Trinity and present the bands new song and music video today...”Songs of Life.” Brought to you EXCLUSIVELY on CCM.

Here is the Story Behind The Song:
As the season of Christmas is drawing near, and we quiet down and look up from our work, we wonder: ‘Are we on the right track’? We look around us and see a world in need of hope. A world full of misery and beauty. Questions that mount up and at the same time, beliefs that we can’t shake off, simply because they touch our core identity. On my way to a gig I once saw a graffiti saying: ‘if you want to see a change in the world, start today.’ And as you can see: this song was born! At the time I was dealing with doubts and cynicism about my faith and the church. I think that quote was what got me back to grips with my core beliefs: You might not exactly know how to pinpoint your faith, but that’s okay. In the end it’s our actions that truly matter. And we were soon to discover the very ancient truth that God is ever present and doesn’t let us go, even when we think it’s all up to us! And now, as I continue to walk with Him, while singing songs of life in the light of the divine, I’m amazed at how practical the message of Christmas is: Christ breaking through and establishing His Kingdom on earth. The light of life and hope piercing through the darkness. And no matter how hard evil tries, it cannot overcome this light. Let’s be part of this rebellious movement of Christ and build that kingdom, one day at a time…

Wishing you peace, love, connection, hope and happiness for this Christmas season!


Watch the video here:


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