CCM EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Trampolines ‘The Way God Sees You’ is proud to present a new song and music video from Christian music pop/dance/EDM/hip-hop husband & wife duo (and missionaries) the Trampolines. The video for ‘The Way God Sees You’ features the beautiful faces of all the people they have met on their many varied missions trips. This video reminds me of something my pastor repeats all the time…that we are ALL “Image Bearers”…we are made in the image of God and therefore we are all beautiful and unique and uniquely loved by our Creator.

Story Behind the Song/Video:
“‘The Way God Sees You’ video is a showcase of fans from around the world that we’ve met in person, on tour, on a mission, or online. Before we started Trampolines, I wrote this song about my wife (then fiancee) and how I desperately wanted her to see herself the Way God saw her. How beautiful and wonderful and valuable she was. As we’ve performed it this year in 2020, the meaning has evolved further for us to mean that we need to see OTHERS the way God sees them. Every interaction regardless of differences, politics, beliefs, etc. should be seen through the lens of some Jesus glasses, and realizing that God created this person and died on the cross for them and loves them. We need that message this year as we fight for love, against hate and for our brothers and sisters, God’s children that he loves so much. This is ‘The Way God Sees You.'” —Lane/Trampolines

Watch the video:

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