CCM EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Smalltown Poets ‘Love Is the Ocean’

Christian music mainstay  group Smalltown Poets’ musical journey continues as the band released its new single, ‘Love Is the Ocean,’ last week. Today, they are premiering the music video for ‘Love Is the Ocean’ exclusively with

“This song has been in the works for some time, but feels almost as if it was written to speak to this moment we find ourselves in right now, as a society. It has strong themes of looking for answers, fearing the forces that seem against us, hoping to find the right path forward, and remembering that in all things love is always a productive option to get us where we need to be.” —Smalltown Poets

Watch the Music Video Premiere of ‘Love Is the Ocean’:

(Video by Jett Stephens)

‘Love Is The Ocean’ Lyrics:

Is there light on the island we just sailed past
Are there clues overhead in the vast expanse
I reach out for one
And it burns my hands
Cast a net for the song of a clarion
For a way for our souls now to carry on
Is there life here
In the simplest plans

What if love is the ocean
That moves us where we’re going
What if it isn’t a secret
And we’re all meant to keep it
Every wave on the ocean
Is a salty solution
Leave your temples and empires across the sea, and follow me

Every time there’s a fathom between us
How I fear that the devils have seen us
That there’s laughter of the cruelest kind
In my heart is a harboring anthem
Of mutiny longing for ransom
By the one light I can always find
It’s a love song

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