CCM Exclusive Video Premiere
Rusty Shipp — “Breaking Waves”


“The breakers won’t desist, clinging to your wrist like exorcists feeling for the pulse of a human being.”
—lyrics to “Breaking Waves”

Watch the “Breaking Waves” video here:

Who is Rusty Shipp:
In an age where people fear the death of rock music, Rusty Shipp is on a mission to make the most creative and catchy music since The Beatles, by meticulously engineering melodies and lyrics that will fill people with excitement and wonder, breathing new life into the legacy of rock.
Rusty Shipp sounds like Nirvana trying to play a Beach Boys song right after hearing Dark Side Of The Moon.

Nashville’s Rusty Shipp is taking up the torch passed down from rock legends of the past five decades; to hold it up in an age when mainstream music has seemed to give up on rock bands. Tirelessly thinking and working like it’s a divine mission, the band’s goal is to make people feel inspired and empowered by creating the catchiest, most creative rock music on planet Earth.

The bands first release, Mortal Ghost, shot the group to international recognition, gaining awards for #2 Album of 2017, Artist of the Year and Album of the Year in 2018, charting on Billboard’s Most Added, interviews on radio (FM and online), podcasts, and blogs, making the front page of a newspaper, and concerts with artists such as Saliva, Tantric, Smile Empty Soul, Chuck Mosley (Faith No More/Bad Brains), and Kevin Max (dc Talk)

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