Country singer-songwriter Jenna Torres shares a message of spiritual surrender with “Prayers Up,” her third single from her highly-anticipated upcoming album, Heaven & Hurt. “This is a very special song to me about the incredible power of personal and collective prayer. It is about being lost and finally finding oneself in conversation with a higher power, asking for the strength we can’t find on our own.”

An acclaimed singer-songwriter, Jenna has penned songs for Warner Music Group and Warner/Chappell Music, including the anthem “Proud” for the Weather Girls’ Martha Wash and co-writing the For King + Country hit “Busted Heart” alongside Ben Glover, landing the song the Top 10 on the Billboard Christian Hot 100, AC, and CHR charts.

Quote about the song:
“The inspiration for ‘Prayers Up’ came to me through both friends and strangers. I often start my day by offering birthday wishes to people on social media—both to friends I know well and to folks I will probably never meet. I see it as a small way to treat everyone like the extended family we all are. I was finding each morning that people were asking for prayers, and as a result, sending up prayers and keeping people in my thoughts has also become part of my daily ritual.

When “Prayers Up” came to me, it was accompanied by an overwhelming desire to let people know they are not alone and to ask for prayers on behalf of everyone who is hurting. Like so many, I have struggled with my own feelings of isolation and been overcome with doubts and fears. When we are in those dark places, it can feel as if there is no hope. To me, prayer is a hopeful act that soothes the soul and lets the light shine where we need it most. It is something we can do for ourselves and something we can do for others.” —Jenna Torres

Story about the video:
The video for “Prayers Up” was shot at The First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. During pre-production, I showed Irakli Gabriel and Anana Kaye of Duende Vision a single image of a woman sitting alone in a chair in the darkness, and we all agreed that was how the video should begin.

We experienced so many creatively inspired moments during the making of this video. When we climbed the stairs to the attic, we knew it was the perfect location for the opening shot. I sat down in the chair to sing and I could feel the song moving through me. My emotions were as real to me as if I were alone in them.

The progression of the video from pure isolation to the spiritual sanctuary of the church itself to lifting my arms up to heaven out in the great wide open is our way of showing the relief that comes from surrendering our burdens to a higher power and that prayer has no boundaries. There are no rules or limits as to who can pray, when, or where, or how we lift our “Prayers Up.”

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