Ginny Owens is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of her first record, Without Condition, with a special video series that takes a look back at the impact the album has made. There will be interviews with other Christian music artists, as well as conversations with Michael Puryear (Ginny’s publisher), Monroe Jones (Ginny’sproducer) and Don Donahue (Ginny’s label President). Ginny is also showcased playing some new arrangements of the songs from Without Condition. is proud to premiere the 1st video of this series celebrating the legacy of Without Condition.

“Just after college, as I searched for a job as a high school music teacher, I was introduced to Michael Puryear, a publisher at BMG Music. He graciously listened as I sat at the piano, playing and singing the songs I’d been writing in my journal, just as you’re about to do now. He signed me as a songwriter several months later. “Someone Searching” was written with one of Michael’s other writers, Dwight Liles, and it was, in a sense, autobiographical. I was searching for my place in the world, and I knew many others just out of school were on the same journey. Dwight helped me craft this feeling into a song that expressed where I was and encouraged others in a similar place with the good news that though we were searching, we were also being searched for by Love Himself. I hope you will enjoy this brief interview with one of my favorite people, and I think this raw, unplugged version of the song is the perfect opening to our story.” —Ginny Owens

Watch episode 1 here:


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