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None of us plan on left turns, valleys or barriers to waltz in and disrupt life. In a sense, we’re all probably aware that those things can happen, but until they are staring us in the face—pushing back against whatever plans we had in the works—it’s hard to understand or appreciate their gravity.

Ellie Holcomb is in a season seeped in gravitas. Her father was diagnosed with cancer last year, some of her dear friends experienced the loss of their babies and, most recently, her husband was battling meningitis.

These things were not in Holcomb’s plans. They caught her off guard, and revealed to her how little control she has over life’s events. Rather than be overwhelmed, however, Holcomb took these experiences—heartache and all—and turned them into music.

Music, it gave her a language through which to work out the nuances of these terribly difficult circumstances. Music, it gave her a soundtrack of hope instead of despair. Music, a tool for the rest of us to learn to hold on, be still, and let God be God—even in the depths.

The songs she wrote during this period have now come together on an album called Red Sea Road (buy). Prompted by the story of the Israelites who fled Egypt only to face an army behind them and an ocean ahead. It was in their utmost moment of despair and helplessness when God showed up, parted the waters, and created a way where there was no way.


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