Nothing beats a great cover tune. When it’s done right, a cover shows off new facets of an already loved song—allowing the listener to appreciate it in a new way. Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” or Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” are some obvious examples. Since no one asked us, we thought we’d offer up our own covers we’d love to see in the Christian music world. Our CCM writing staff had some great ideas!

Rich Mullins‘ “The Color Green” covered by Audrey Assad. Mullins has been covered so much, but I don’t remember anyone doing this song and it’s awesome. Assad might be an unconventional choice, but I think she would resonate with the poetry and imagery then put a unique musical twist on it. [Jen Rose Yokel]

I think Kutless should remake dc Talk‘s “The Hard Way” because that song is just cool, and let’s face it, Kutless is just freakin’ cool! [Todd Collins]

I know that this has been covered by Big Daddy Weave, but I’d love to see what Switchfoot could do with Rich Mullins’ “Hold Me Jesus.” It’s such a raw, honest song and I think that they could definitely take it somewhere. [Renee Lancaster]

I’d like to hear a Crowder cover of Larry Norman’s “Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music” with a full-on, foot-stomping hoedown treatment. [Mark Geil]

Demon Hunter should cover dc Talk’s “I Love Rap Music.” I think it would be funny as heaven! [Kevin Sparkman]

I’d like to see DeGarmo & Key’s “Destined to Win” covered by Switchfoot. That old synth sound could use an update, and Jon Foreman would sound great singing that chorus. Sorry I just had a flashback to fifth grade there. [Matt Conner]

What would you like to hear covered, and by who? Add your comment in the section below!

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  1. Robert Keil

    on the “Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music” cover…Geoff Moore and The Distance did a cover of it for their Home Run project — and it was GOOD too!!!

    At any rate…I would like to hear Citizen Way cover “Sail On” by the Imperials. And maybe for a Christmas song, have Francesca cover Evie’s “Come On Ring Those Bells”

  2. Jason Ray Esta

    I’d like to hear Phil Whickham cover Russ Taffs “I still believe”. I’d also like to hear Jonathan Thulin cover Smitty’s “Rocket Town”

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