Dove Award-winning worship leader, songwriter, author and producer of hundreds of songs sung around the world that make Jesus loud, Yancy is premiering her brand new remix of fan favorite ‘Super Wonderful (Funky Franklin Remix)‘ today with CCM Magazine!  The track will be available via all streaming services this Friday.

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Written by Yancy and remixed by Will Franklin Chapman (Drummer of Colony House / son of Steven Curtis Chapman), the new version of “Super Wonderful” is based on the original powerhouse song inspired by Yancy’s son Sparrow and his love of superheroes.

“I wrote this song to share about our ‘super big, super strong, super wonderful God,’ the greatest superhero of all time!” exclaims Yancy. “It’s been sung in churches, schools, homes and minivans around the world. And it’s always a blast to perform this song live!

“However, I remember having an ‘aha’ moment last year thinking about my son and how he inspired me to write this song,” continues Yancy. “Because of his inspiration, this truth has been sung on the lips of so many kids and families making a significant impact beyond what I could have ever imagined. The beauty of music is that everyone has their own story attached to songs. No doubt this one is full of them because, in every season, our God is super wonderful indeed.”

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