Artist Name:
Anna Ly



Guayaquil, Ecuador


Your Hobbies/Interests Apart from Music:
Reading, writing, movies, traveling.

Your Last Netflix Binge:
Secret Life of Babies

Your Musical Influences:
Francesca Batistelli, Moriah Peters, Brooke Fraser, Kim Burrell, Jaci Velasquez, Tori Kelly

Your Very First Musical Purchase:
Brooke Fraser’s Albertine

Why You Should Pay Attention:
Latina pop artist Anna Ly has recorded Spanish language releases in years past, but she recently made her English debut with “This Isn’t Where It Ends.” The positive message was penned by Mia Fieldes, Madeline McDonald, Tyson & Meesah Kuteyi and, and Anna recorded versions in both Spanish and English. We love her vocal work and look forward to hearing more in conjunction with Full Circle Music.

Check out “This Isn’t Where It Ends” for the first fruits of what will hopefully be much more from Anna Ly.

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