Aaron Bucks


Langley, British Columbia by way of Franklin TN


Netflix Binge:
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Musical influences:
Fred Hammond, Jon Gibson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz

First instrument purchase:
My first purchase, I believe, would be a kazoo. I bought it on a high school band trip and proceeded to drive everyone crazy on the bus playing my trombone parts.

Why You Should Pay Attention:
Radiate is slowly rolling out the music of Aaron Bucks, their latest signing, with an early single that echoes the feel-good vibes likely to come on future recordings. Bucks’ delivery is laid-back, the melody is infectious and the sentiments are best when shared.

Start Here:
There’s literally only one place to start, the video single “California,” but we’re digging the beachside feel and “Lean on Me” message that Bucks and his co-writers have crafted here.

Find Out More About Aaron here:

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