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Many astronauts share a life-transforming moment, experiencing a cognitive shift in awareness while traveling through space, looking into the vastness, and seeing the tiny, fragile ball of life that we call home. This shift in awareness is known as “the overview effect”—an effect that has been known to create a greater sense of togetherness with humanity and magnify one’s love for their home.

The only unfortunate aspect of “the overview effect” is how few people are able to actually experience it for themselves. The odds are you aren’t space traveling anytime soon, but what if there was a way for the ordinary person to experience an ounce of this life-giving effect? What if we could extract someone from their home in order to give them an empowering view of it? That’s the question we set out to answer when creating a worshipful experience at our events.

At a Catalyst event (learn more about Catalyst), we realize that thousands of leaders are temporarily leaving home in order to develop a clearer vision of the larger story. And if our events are the way to give leaders a better view, then worship is the rocket we use to get them there. As leaders from all walks of life come together in worship, they are able to look into the vastness and see that they are not alone, and they become fueled with an insatiable desire to live their life on mission out of a greater sense of gratitude for their home.

[ Note: Catalyst West is coming soon—Apr. 12-13, 2018! Check out these highlights from Catalyst West 2017 by clicking “play” below and REGISTER to attend! ]


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