The more I lived with that thought I felt like, “Man, this record—more than any other—has a piece of my heart in every single song. With so much life happening—getting married, having kids—obviously I wrote about all of those things. It feels like it’s me, from the lyrics to the style of the songs and the melodies, everything about it feels like who I am!

CCM: Does it feel like a reinvention?
BN: It really does. When you’re coming back with new music after four years, it’s kind of like a blank slate. People consume music so fast now that four years seems like a long time, but even though so much has changed, nothing has changed in my heart and who I am. I’m the same Britt.

It feels like a fresh start in so many ways, even with the imaging and the creative style. I love the music I’ve made before, and this feels like a continuation of that, still with a very pop sound and songs written from my heart. But this feels like a new stage of life for me.

CCM: In the past, you’ve been very involved in the writing process for your music. Did this record come from a lot of collaboration, or mostly from your personal writing?
BN: There was a ton of collaboration, actually. I felt like this year God was speaking to me about the word “together,” the power of coming together with people and the impact that can make. Sometimes I can be the kind of artist who’s like, “Okay I got it, I can figure it out,” and I can try to do things on my own. All of my records have been written with other people, but it’s usually only like five writers total and two or three producers at most. But I just felt like God was talking to me about coming together with people.

Britt Nicole, CCM Magazine - image
So I went to my label and said, “What if we opened up this record to other songwriters, let them pitch songs,” and we ended up putting two songs on the record that I didn’t have any part in writing. I’m excited because I don’t even know how many people total are on this record. There’s probably thirty songwriters and at least ten producers, five different mixers… So many people that are involved!


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