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A lot of life can happen in just a few years, just ask beloved hit-maker Britt Nicole. Her songs have struck the balance between catchy hooks and vulnerable songwriting for almost a decade, and in 2012 she released Gold (buy), a collection of positive pop tunes that earned acclaim from contemporary Christian and mainstream audiences alike.

But a bigger audience isn’t the only thing that’s changed. A few months after Gold’s debut, she married producer Joshua Crosby, and is now a mom to three year-old Ella and twenty month-old Adin. With so much on the family calendar, it’s not surprising that it’s been so long since we heard new music, and maybe that’s what made July’s debut of new single “Through Your Eyes” such a pleasant surprise.

Nicole’s fourth record, simply titled Britt Nicole (buy), is in some ways a reintroduction and a continuation of what she does best. We had a chance to chat with her about the past four years, the power of collaboration, and the reinvention of the “same Britt” we’ve come to love.

CCM Magazine: It really has been a while since we’ve heard any new music from you, but maybe that’s just part of adjusting to marriage and mommy life?
Britt Nicole: Yeah, it’s funny, ‘cause everyone’s like, “So, you took a break!” And well, I put out a remix album last year, we continued touring, and I did two tours with TobyMac. So I kind-of haven’t really stopped? [Laughs]

But after Gold came out I had [my daughter] Ella, and when she was a year old we found out we were pregnant with my son. So over these four years so much life has happened! We have been working, but making this new record was definitely a process. It just took time.

CCM: Why did you decide to call your fourth record Britt Nicole?
BN: We were living with the songs and asking ourselves, “What is that one song that jumps out? What is that theme?” But it kind-of felt like every song was different in their own way. My husband said to me, “Why don’t you let it be your first self-titled album?”


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