CCM: Are you hitting the road to support this project or are you too busy running everything?
I don’t know if we’ll do an After All These Years Tour. I’m going to Asia in three weeks with the team for a 10-day tour and I’ll do a few songs from the album in my set. It’s a compilation so we do songs from all of the albums each night. I don’t know if we’ll do a tour like you’re talking about. We’re so not set up that way. [Laughs] My wife is slowing way down this year in terms of traveling, but I’m traveling more than ever. But we don’t necessarily have to, because we have a lot of other people who carry the songs.

CCM: What songs will you likely play during the set?
I’ll do “Only Jesus” for sure every night. I’ll probably do “After All These Years.” Those two for sure. If Jenn was there, she does “Mention Of Your Name” and “For The One.” I might do “For The One” as well.

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