From the guitar-riff sounds of White Heart and Petra, the ‘90s alternative vibes from Audio Adrenaline to the heavier catalogs from Blindside and Underoath, Christian rock has certainly experienced an evolution over the decades. While some of our favorites continue to make music, we’ve still got a soft spot for several bands we believe had plenty more fuel in the musical tank. Here are five reunions we’d love to see!

Bleach | Kicking off the list is ‘90s and early 2000s mainstays Bleach. The band formed in 1995 and regularly made music until 2005, with their biggest hits being “Heartbeat,” “Super Good Feeling” and “Epidermis Girl.” Over the years the band has reunited for one-off shows and small tours, the last of which came in 2011. They also released a small, untitled project that same year.

However, the last few years have been quiet for the band. Sporadic updates to their Facebook page stopped in February of 2015, and it remains to be seen if/when they’ll be back with music.


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  1. Cody Testroet

    Hey Justin! This is Cody from Seven Day Jones, the dude with half his face in the picture in the right. We’d love to do a reunion, but we broke up much more recently (2014 in fact). Thanks for the shout out, but we’re not Seven Day Jesus… All the best!

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