In a recent issue of CCM Magazine, we featured Gotee’s newest find, Hollyn. It’s just the latest unearthed gem for a label who has served up on new favorite after another. Across multiple genres, Gotee Records has been a force for quality and diversity in the Christian music industry. In case you’re a newer listener, here’s a quick history lesson on five of Gotee’s notable signings.

Out Of Eden
Beginning in the early-to-mid-‘90s, R&B groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child reigned supreme, and Gotee was wise to counter with Out Of Eden, a sister trio known for smooth harmonies and groovy dance beats. Their 1994 debut Lovin’ The Day was Gotee’s first release, and having an avenue to release it was one of the main reasons Toby McKeehan started a label in the first place.

Once upon a time, Christian rap was largely underground and struggled to compete with the slick sound of the mainstream. In the days before Lecrae and Reach Records changed the identity of Christian hip-hop, Gotee was bringing a number of new artists to the foreground. Stacey “Coffee” Jones and Teron “Bonafide” Carter were two former DC Talk dancers who formed the pioneering duo known as G.R.I.T.S. (Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit) were pioneers. They released eight albums for Gotee before founding their own label, Revolution Art.

Sonicflood’s self-titled debut made a big splash (pun totally intended) in the early days of the popular worship scene, featuring covers of newer church songs with a rock edge. Over the years, the band has been a sort of revolving door of members under the same name, but their Gotee debut with Jeff Deyo at the helm endures as their best work.

Relient K
Pairing playful pop punk with Matt Theissen’s sharp songwriting. Relient K has always been the kind of band that cheerfully bridges the silly and serious, often on the same record (or even the same song). Gotee is home to some of their best and most beloved records, including The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek, Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right, and Mmhmm.

Family Force 5
Family Force 5….how do we describe them? Their 2006 Gotee debut Business Up Front/Party In The Back blew up in both Christian and mainstream markets. A unique mash-up of hip-hop, dance, and party rock and catchy songs like “Luv Addict” launched their career, and though their sound has evolved over the years, their early Gotee records endure as a crazy experiment in good, clean party rock fun.

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