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If you’re looking for a unique alt-rock flavor, you’d do well to check out the brand new single from Veridia. The band has been featured on ESPN, and fans of Skillet should especially take notice. Click the “play” button above to take a listen to their new single “Still Breathing” (buy) on this page, as we await a full-length in 2017 and read on for front woman Deena Jakoub’s five most influential albums.

No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom
This album was my first taste of performing rock and one of the first CDs I owned. “Just a Girl” was basically the first song I sang with a local garage band in high school. It was empowering not only to see a woman not afraid to be herself fashionably and musically, but also to be able to relate and sing that song at the top of my lungs and mean every word as if it was my song, too. I’ve always had a passion to create music that would translate like that.

No Doubt, CCM Magazine - image

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