Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the artists we appreciate here at CCM Magazine are also fans as well. It made us curious about the tastes and habits of various artists, so we decided to launch a series, The Last Time, to find out some answers. This time, we were excited to chat with Carmen, Kayli, and Lauryn from pop group 1GN about some of their favorite things…

The last album you purchased?
: I think it was Hollyn’s new EP!
Lauryn: Yeah, I bought that one too! I love it!

The last concert you paid to attend?
Winter Jam.
Kayli: Family Force 5! I love them.

The last TV show you binge watched?
The Office. Every. Day.
Lauryn: Once Upon A Time… it’s so interesting!
Carmen: You can ask the girls, I literally never watch TV. But last year I watched Parenthood. It’s probably the only show I’ve ever watched all the way through. It made me cry every day!

The last book you finished?
I just re-read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. I’ve grown up Christian my whole life, but in college I read that book for the first time, and it changed my perspective on a lot of things. I question everything, so it was really good for my brain.
Kayli: Empty Promises by Pete Wilson, a pastor here in Nashville. It’s very relatable and very, very encouraging.
Lauryn: I am terrible at reading books! I fall asleep every time I get past page three or so. But my church has this app called the One Year Bible, so I guess I read through the Bible last year!

The last time you were surprisingly moved by a piece of music?
Oooooooh! I actually texted Lauryn and Carmen when this happened… I was driving to my part time job in Nashville, and I was listening to our new record. It got to the song “Impossible,” one of my favorites, and when it got to the bridge of the song I was at a red light, and I started ugly crying! It’s kind of weird that our own song made me cry.
Lauryn: Lauren Daigle’s “Trust in You.” I’m walking through a season of having to trust that God is in control, so I love that song.
Carmen: I think it was around Christmastime when I went to the Nashville Symphony. I remember being super moved and feeling like I escaped from the world and got lost in a piece of music.

The last great movie you watched?
We all just went to the premiere of God’s Not Dead 2, and that was really awesome.

The last time you laughed uncontrollably?
Like… every time we’re together?
Carmen: Probably making our first 1GN Wednesday video! Kayli could not say the word subscribe!
Lauryn: I kid you not, Carmen and I were crying, we were laughing so hard.
Kayli: I had to tell them to leave the room because their laughing was distracting me!

The last memorable exchange with a fan of your music?
I met up with a fan here in Nashville. She’s been following us for the last four years, and has always been that fan that tweets about us, buys everything we put out, etc, so I just met her. It was a week when I was feeling discouraged, and she was talking about how all of our songs have impacted her and how she’s been dealing with some insecurity. A few of our songs helped her through that. Any time we hear from our fans that our music has helped them, there’s nothing that can describe that feeling.

Lauryn: Carmen Facetime’d me when she was with her, and I was in the car just doing my normal day-to-day stuff. It was cool to step aside and talk to her — just a really sweet moment.

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