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A message from Skot:

Talking about race and faith is difficult.

Every day we’re pressured from all angles to pick a side. Where should we align?

The problem is, our current language leaves us feeling hurt, unheard, and arguing in dead-end debates. But what if there was a new language that could give us new questions that lead to real solutions?

That is my heart in writing this book. My passion is to unify people by grappling, boldly but with grace, with differences regarding race, ethnicity, injustice and community. I want to show Christians, who are so divided, how to elevate the way we think in order to be Christocentric: not putting denominations, political parties, communities, and social and ethnic identities first or at the center—so we can see each other through His eyes.

The stakes are high. We will uncover real hurt. But kingdom solutions will come when we unite in Christ as God’s family, face the issues directly but compassionately, and remain determined to see the church—and the world become unfractured.

Author bio:

Skot Welch is the founder of Global Bridgebuilders, an internationally respected diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm. Working with organizations ranging from churches to Fortune 500 companies, Skot leads the Global Bridgebuilders team in transforming enterprises by capturing the advantages present in every diverse workforce. The former VP of DiversityInc magazine, Skot is the author of several books, founder of the Mosaic Film Experience, and former cohost of the popular Radio in Black and White show. He and his wife, Barbara, have two children and live in Michigan. Learn more at


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