New Music Exclusive Artist: Stephanie McKenna

Stephanie McKenna is an accomplished singer songwriter who plays guitar, piano and saxophone. Her early childhood was marked by severe abuse when she was taken to a Satanic Coven by her older brother. Her life is a miraculous story of unbelievable redemption.

The Heaven Answer Book, An Excerpt

In Heaven we will be perfect—but by itself, Heaven cannot perfect anything or anyone; Heaven cannot save us. Only God—the Master Resident and Kingdom Title-Owner, who makes Heaven and all of its residents perfect—can do this...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Joshua Jamison

Music that glorifies God in its purest form is found when melody meets lifestyle rooted in Scripture, where passion and creativity collide. Enter Joshua Jamison, an artist standing at the intersection of truth and love by way of melody.

New Music Exclusive Artist: Carmelita Clark

Carmelita E. Clark is a Songwriter, Poet, Member of ASCAP, GMA and NSAI. She enjoys writing, producing and has been blessed to write well over 400 songs since May 1998. The genres include, Gospel, CCM, Country, Urban Contemporary, Choir, Children songs, Positive Hip-Hop/Rap, etc. Along with husband,

The Heavens: Spot Removal

If you've ever tried to remove a spot from a dress or pair of pants, you know how stubborn even small ones can be. Thankfully, we're not charged with removing the spots from the Sun, for oftentimes, they're as large as (or even larger) than Earth itself!

New Music Exclusive Album: That’s All I Want To Do

This pop rock CD takes you into the fascinating life of the apostle Paul. Featuring 11 outstanding songs, including the award-winning "Hand of God," this album is groundbreaking because listeners can obtain interactive guides called "SongCompanions" that explore the lyrics at a deeper level. "

New Music Exclusive Artist: Nick Myers

Out of 'broken places' often comes the greatest creativity -as proven in the life and songs of one of contemporary Christian music's most gifted new artists -Nick Myers.