Getting To Know You: Judah Band

Judah Band is an eclectic group of talented musicians and singers, founded and led by producer, songwriter and singer, Randy Weston. Judah Band possesses an energy and presence that can’t be contested. Their sound is a melting pot of musical genres that include: Gospel, Rock, Pop and Classical. Judah Band’s sound has the ability to circumvent all cultural backgrounds and tear down denominational barriers.

CCM Featured Spotlight: Cynthia Knight

Cynthia Knight was born and raised in China and transplanted to America by God. At a very young age her artistic parents influenced her with various forms of art, especially performing arts. Music has always been in her life, but but she didn't begin formal piano and vocal training until her teenage years.

CCM Featured Spotlight: Men of Worship

Men of Worship is the brainchild of Cleon Hardy, founder and leader of the group. Cleon had a vision for an all-male praise and worship team that would be a beacon to other men seeking Christ. The team is composed of former R&B professionals who found Christ and began their musical ministry singing Gospel.

CCM Featured Spotlight: Gateway Worship

Gateway Worship is the collective of voices and songs from Gateway Church, which has grown to be one of the largest and most influential churches in North America under the leadership of Pastor Robert Morris. Birthed in a Word-centered, Presence-driven environment, Gateway Worship’s dynamic declarations of faith, hope, and revival impact people and congregations around the world.

EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Natasha Owens ‘Stand’

Natasha Owens is set to globally release her new single and lyric video for “Stand” from Radiate Music on April 3. But, is bringing you this advance exclusive premiere of the song and video.

Getting To Know You — Andrew Greer

Andrew Greer is six-time Dove Award-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, author and television/podcast host. He is the co-creator and co-host of the popular television and streaming series Dinner Conversati...