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Christian music has never been better than it is right now! The shear number of artists & genres as well as in the quality of the music across all genres is amazing. It's an impossibility for any one fan, expert or fan media outlet to hear and cover all of it.

No matter what genre is your favorite, chances are there is a group or song that you have not discovered yet.

It's our intention for this page to help you discover something new that the CCM staff and contributors think is the "best thing we heard today."

Best Thing I Heard Today: June 15, 2019

P.Lo Jetson is a Christian Rap/hip-hop artist from Clinton, MS. I first heard of him on last Friday's Spotify New Music Friday Christian list and the song "Juice 4 Sale" just jumped out at me as one of the better songs on the list. Check it out. P.Lo Jetson's new single, "Juice 4 Sale," is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: June 11, 2019

In anticipation of opening for Bon Jovi on the This House Is Not For Sale Tour, Switchfoot covered everyone's favorite Bon Jovi classic "Livin' On A Prayer," during soundcheck at their Portland, Oregon concert. Switchfoot's cover of Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: June 5, 2019

If you are a fan of Christian rap, hip-hop or other similar forms expression and you're not familiar with this artist, you need to be. Forget that she is a woman...I've heard very few artists PERIOD that have such a unique style of music and lyrical approach. A.I. the Anomally's new song, "Foreigner (feat. Taelor Gray)," is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: May 29, 2019

Legin's "Highly Esteemed" is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Nigel "Legin" Anderson is a speaker, spoken word/hip hop artist, podcaster & family man who communicates hope for the hurting and love of God in his music