This Abe Parker remix of “Glorious Day” from Passion and Crowder is just super cool to me. It sound’s like it could be used in the opening credits in a Marvel movie. I live what Abe Parker did with this.

The Abe Parker re-imagined remix of “Glorious Day” from Passion and Crowder is the Best Thing I Heard Today…check it out!

I was buried beneath my shame
Who could carry that kind of weight?
It was my tomb
‘Til I met You

I was breathing but not alive
All my failures I tried to hide
It was my tomb
‘Til I met You

You called my name
And I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness
Into Your glorious day

Now Your mercy has saved my soul
Now Your freedom is all that I know
The old made new
Jesus, when I met You

I needed rescue, my sin was heavy
But chains break at the weight of Your glory
I needed shelter, I was an orphan
Now You call me a citizen of Heaven
When I was broken, You were my healing
Now Your love is the air that I’m breathing
I have a future, my eyes are open
‘Cause when You called my name
I ran out of that grave 

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