Josh Kelley is really more of a mainstream artist than a traditional “CCM” artist. He’s a singer/songwriter whose style defies categorization…pop, rock, AC, folk, alt/pop, soul..really a little bit of everything. Most of his songs are about marriage (his wife is actress Katherine Heigl), family and life, but this new song, ‘Hold Me My Lord,’ is on the New Music Friday Christian Playlist and it’s just wonderful.

“While sitting at the piano noodling away at the keys, this song came to me—it felt like divine inspiration. For me, the chords and the lyrics feed each other. There is only one because of the other. I think in the instance of this song, my heart was calling for hope. I was trying to muddle through the dark nights of my soul and how I’ve managed to find my way again and again. When we started putting the video together for this song, we realized that this world has been suffering through a dark night of the soul. Despair, hurt, anger, violence, pain, suffering, disease and death have been the headlines every day for the last eight months. I realized this song that came through me speaks to more than my own suffering. It speaks to humanity’s. The video felt like an opportunity to unite us in our pain and in our hope. It felt like a way for me to make one small difference in this tumultuous time so I can look at my children, years from now, and tell them I did something. I didn’t just bury my head in the sand, or hide from the pain, or run from the fear. I did what I could do, and I did it for them.” —Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley’s new song, ‘Hold Me My Lord’ is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Music video:


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