Until an hour ago, these guys were not even on my radar. Thankfully I get to work with some pretty cool people that have diverse musical taste as well…like Paul from TheChristianRock20.com. So Paul pops his head in my office and says, “Hey, I just wanted to make sure you knew about Fight The Fade.” Of course, I had to jump on YouTube and streaming and check them out ASAP. It seems these guys have been pretty diverse themselves over the years mixing in some techno & industrial sounds with rock, hard rock and what I call anthem rock (a la RED, Queensryche, Savior Machine).

Fight The Fade is dropping its new album, in Love in Hope in Peace, which is due out February 7th, 2020.

Fight The Fade’s new song, “Devil,” is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Check it out.

“Devil” Lyrics:

She said “sit down, baby.
Let’s have a little fun.”
I said, “You look like trouble.
And I think I’ve seen enough.”
But she moves in closer
Like a shark circling it’s prey
She thinks I’m cornered
But the truth is

She’s the devil
And she’s coming after me
She’s the devil
And this ain’t going to be pretty

I look
Across the room and I see an open door
She looks
Dead at me, and I think I see her horns
If I don’t leave now
Her claws sink into me
She’ll drag me down
Cause the truth is

You can’t mess around with the devil
It’ll only cause you pain
You can’t mess around with the devil
No matter what she say

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