CCM PREMIERE: Westward Road Releases Music Video For ‘Forgiven’

Dynamic family trio Westward Road is debuting its new music video for 'Forgiven' exclusively with CCM Magazine today!  The trio led by Scott Roberts, a 20 year veteran worship leader and nation-charting songwriter, and his wife, the talented and award-winning vocalist, Kelli Roberts. Their son, Garrett Roberts completes the superbly gifted musical family with his smooth vocal tones. 

Scott Riggan Gives Song-By-Song Break Down Of New Album ‘Bright Hope’

Scott Riggan is a songwriter and world traveler who creates real music for real people.

“More than ever before, I’m writing the songs that I personally need to hear,” explains Scott. “I’m at a stage of life that’s marked by looking back and cataloging my successes and failures, hopes and dreams and regrets. It's a deep reservoir for writing songs that are specific to me as an artist - but that also resonate with other people."

Support Missionaries Around The World with UMC

Across the globe, Global Ministries supports the call of over 200 short- and long-term missionaries and partners in more than 60 countries. Since its inception, the agency has been global in all respects, assisting and supporting those who are serving as the hands and feet of Christ.. Global Ministries connects The United Methodist Church, its people and congregations to partner with others engaged in God’s global work, which takes place in a variety of settings, countries and cultures.


As the incidences of natural and human-made disaster increase throughout the United States and the world, UMCOR’s workload is increasing. It is the work of UMCOR and its partners to be on the scene in the aftermath of as many disasters as possible, implementing a coordinated plan to leverage local resources and reach the regions’ most underserved populations.

Jeff Senour Releases New Single ‘Angels Watching Over Me’ + New Book

As a pilot, Jeff Senour has the best seat in the sky when it comes to seeing God’s wondrous creation up close and personal. As both an author and now a recording artist signed to Universal Music Group’s Mi5 Recordings, the singer/songwriter/guitarist who fronts the CTS (Called To Serve) band is a beacon of light to listeners and readers from all walks of life as he shares the inspiring splendor of his riveting ride. His new single 'Angels Watching Over Me' + new music video are now available.