Album Title: TBD

Release Date: TBD

Recording Studio: Oak Tree Studios, Hendersonville, TN

Producers: Tre’ Corley

Number of Songs: TBD


Long Time Coming: All this time, I have been blessed to do what I love in my live shows. But it has been a while since I released new music of my own. Simply put, it was time to get back in the studio! –Melinda Doolittle


Sophomore Songs: Hopefully I have learned what I liked and didn’t like with my first CD. So my litmus test for choosing songs on this sophomore record has been finding tunes that are a true representation of who I am. I also took the chance to be a part of the writing process! It’s hard work, but extremely rewarding. –M.D.


Slow and Steady: The songs on this record I helped write have a more current sound. On my previous record we were on a huge deadline, so time was limited. I have taken more time with this CD. My producer was happy to work with me until I had exactly what I was looking for. –M.D.


Show Time: I love to sing in the dark. When I record a song, I imagine I’m performing it live. I’m intense when I have an audience, but it feels weird when it’s just my producer and me. So, I turn off the lights and go to town. I also warm up with the ProVox vocal workout before each session. My vocal coach, Janet Kenyon, developed it and it works wonders vocally. M.D.



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