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  • Diamond Days: Family Force 5
    (JANUARY 2008) Last year, Family Force 5 exploded — and captured CCM readers’ imaginations in the process.
  • The Sound Of Truth
    (NOVEMBER 2007) Metalcore fave AS I LAY DYING isn’t simply one of the most influential faith-fueled bands in the general market—the way PROJECT 86’s Andrew Schwab sees it, the band is “the template for those who would follow.”
  • Defying Gravity: The Science of 'Falling Up'
    (NOVEMBER 2007) The concept of “gravity” plays an important role in the unfolding of Falling Up's newest full-length work, Captiva.
  • What Makes A Man A Man?
    (NOVEMBER 2007) What makes a man a man? Emery is answering the question.
  • FLASHLIGHT: A Closer Look At... Oh, Sleeper
    (NOVEMBER 2007) Spotlight on the hardcore band, Oh, Sleeper.
  • Keep the Fire Burning
    (NOVEMBER 2007) 10 years later, THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH is still a leader in the pack — and mentoring a whole new generation of rockers.
  • Story Behind The Song: Superchick — "Stand In The Rain"
    (OCTOBER 2007) Superchick’s third consecutive No. 1 single from 'Beauty from Pain' secured the top spot at Christian Hit Radio for an astounding 13 weeks. Front woman TRICIA BROCK recently took time out from recording the band’s anticipated 2008 release to pen the story behind “Stand In The Rain".
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