• THE FRINGE Spotlight: Jill Phillips
    (NOVEMBER 2010) Jill Phillips and husband Andy Gullahorn work together to churn out her latest project, a Christmas album.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: John Mandeville
    (OCTOBER 2010) You love his music, you even own his music, whether you know it or not. This celebrated songwriter penned many favorites for all sorts of artists like Point of Grace, Avalon, 4Him, Tammy Trent, and others. Now, this songwriter has become an artist with an album of his own.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Vlada
    (SEPTEMBER 2010) Vlada insists that God has placed something different in his heart and, upon hearing the results, you're inclined to believe him. Imagine the musical scenario: a white Swiss citizen of Serbian descent composing powerful black gospel tunes... it's the beauty of the unexpected.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: The Farewell Drifters
    (AUGUST 2010) Having garnered a plethora of high-praising quotables from publications across the country, The Fairwell Drifters have persuaded a legion of faithful followers with their charming indie acoustic-pop approach.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Matthew Mayfield
    (JULY 2010) Matthew Mayfield insists on perfecting his craft. Yet for an independent artist who's already accomplished as much as he has, how much better can this Birmingham singer / songwriter get?
  • Tying It Together: Christine Evans Intertwines Her Music, Faith & Passions
    (JUNE 2010) Christine Evans is one of those triple threats: she sings, she acts and she has a heart for ministry.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: The Brighton
    (JUNE 2010) Ben Rosenbush is The Brighton — then again, so are the other nine. The Minneapolis orchestral folk/rock collective is just beginning, but the sounds are already oh so sweet.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Andy Kirk
    (MAY 2010) Andy Kirk's passionate delivery and contagious melodies strike at the same level of some of today's most popular worship leaders. Find out about him, his music, and his latest CD, WAKE UP MY SOUL.
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