Syntax is hard to define for some. The dictionary describes it as “a connected or orderly system” or “a harmonious arrangement of parts or elements.” With that in mind, it makes sense that it was many small pieces unfolding and coming together that helped bring Syntax Records to life in 1997. What began as a dream shared between two brothers who loved music has become a force infiltrating the music business since. Syntax has developed a formula combining major market quality and production with strategic grassroots marketing and development. Their music is available worldwide and continues to be featured on major motion pictures and prime time television shows. For more information, visit:

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Blood & Water – ‘Ugly’

Two Christian Hip Hop veterans, Absent Minded and DJ Elder, form the group, Blood & Water. They are signed to the San Diego based War Records, owned by the emcee Man of War. Listeners can expect that signat...