Natasha Owens Releases New Studio Album ‘American Patriot’

Natasha Owens celebrates the release of her new studio album, American Patriot—available now on all major platforms. With American Patriot, Owens is taking a new direction and offering up a bold, proud, powerful concept collection that bridges an unwavering love of country with the themes of faith and family that have always played a significant part in her artistry.

Natasha Owens to Release New Album ‘American Patriot’ July 1

Best known as a Christian music powerhouse with five studio albums under her belt, Natasha Owens is taking a stand with her upcoming album, American Patriot. Produced for Radiate Music by GRAMMY-nominated and multiple Dove Award winner Ian Eskelin, the new album will be available everywhere on July 1, 2022.

Natasha Owens to Release New Album ‘Stand’ Aug 6

Christian music powerhouse Natasha Owens is set to return August 6th with her latest studio album, Stand, a 12-track testament to perseverance and empowerment that finds her reconnecting with longtime label home Radiate Music and GRAMMY-nominated and multiple Dove Award-winning producer/songwriter/fellow artist Ian Eskelin.

EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Natasha Owens ‘Stand’

Natasha Owens is set to globally release her new single and lyric video for “Stand” from Radiate Music on April 3. But, is bringing you this advance exclusive premiere of the song and video.

Natasha Owens Releases Holiday Single ‘A Christmas Twist’

Christian music singer/songwriter Natasha Owens has released her first holiday-themed single, “A Christmas Twist,” from Radiate Music. The lighthearted, '50s retro throwback cover of Si Cranstoun’s holiday hit goes for adds at radio outlets internationally and is available at iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more digital retailers and streaming outlets everywhere.

Natasha Owens: Story Behind the Song/Album ‘Warrior’

Natasha Owens is back with her latest album Warrior, a record that finds her continuing in push forward in faith, embracing the scars and trials that have brought her thus far. In this video, Natasha shares a bit about her personal struggles and what lead her to the name for this new album and title track.