Zach Williams Drops ‘Rescue Story Deluxe Edition’

Rescue Story Deluxe Edition from Zach Williams is officially available now. The anticipated album offers the original tracklisting from Rescue Story, including the GRAMMY-winning single "There Was Jesus," and accompanied by newly recorded songs such as "Empty Grave," "The Struggle," and "Stand My Ground." 

Zach Williams Gets 2 RIAA Certifications

Provident Label Group is proud to announce multi-award-winning Christian music artist Zach Williams has been awarded two RIAA Award certifications: his GRAMMY®-winning album Chain Breaker is officially RIAA Gold® and his debut single, "Chain Breaker," has reached RIAA Platinum® certification.

Best Thing I Heard Today: Zach Williams ‘Empty Grave’

Well, another New Music Friday Christian music playlist has dropped and as usual, I've clicked, listened, skipped and re-played my way through it. I haven't had time to really dive in deep yet, but one songs stands out to me and my music tastes...and that's the new Zach Williams single, 'Empty Grave.' You probably won't hear this one a lot on Christian radio as it's a bit more gritty rock and less A/C for that audience. But for me, Zach Williams's new song 'Empty Grave' is the Best Thing I Heard Today!