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The Waiting – Rediscovering Advent

click to buy single Christmas seems to come the last week of September with aisles at some stores already filled with wrapping paper and gifts. Before we can say “pumpkin spice” we are inundated with an...
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Rick Lee James talks Advent

With his early 2016 release, "Hymns, Prayers and Invitations," and the single "Advent Song (Watching, Waiting, Longing)," we found a great foundation and example for this timely topic of Advent.
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Christmas & Communion, Part 1

I’m still a believer in Christmas. It doesn’t hurt that at least once a year, in the midst of a great deal of cultural conflict and confusion, the famous refrains of historic carols fill public places with sounds of hope. And peace. And love. I am still a believer in such things.

The Heart Of The Season

What unique challenges do we currently face as we ponder getting to know others hearts, versus attempting to deal with all of the “issues” that seem to get in front of them?