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Zach Williams – ‘Chain Breaker’ album review
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Zach Williams – ‘Chain Breaker’ album review

Zach Williams, CCM Magazine - image

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If anyone could withstand the gusts of a whirlwind, it would be Arkansas’ Zach Williams. Not only is he physically imposing (as a former college basketball player), Williams has withered the strongest of storms life could throw at him, only to bounce back in the name of God’s redeeming grace. His debut album, Chain Breaker (buy), is a soundtrack to his comeback story, and is the (rushed) culmination of a title track gone wild—which has already received a GRAMMY nod. Although the LP was released earlier than expected, you won’t notice any lacking, especially in supporting tracks such as “My Liberty,” “Song Of Deliverance,” “Fear Is A Liar,” and “Everything Changed.” Relatively new to music in general, it’s scary-good to think just how much is on the horizon for the now GRAMMY nominated singer-songwriter.


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