Ty Brasel ‘Destined For Greatness’ review
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Ty Brasel ‘Destined For Greatness’ review

Ty Brasel
Destined For Greatness

An old adage holds that the best music written is that born of experience, and it’s a maxim that hip-hop artist Ty Brasel puts to use on his IVAV debut, Destined For Greatness. Instead of shying away from a past mired in drug and alcohol abuse and incarceration, Brasel keeps it real while also shining light on the grace of God that’s brought him out of that past and into a brighter present.

Destined For Greatness is an expansive outing featuring 18 tracks, seven of which were released as an EP earlier this year, that delivers smooth, stylish southern style trap throughout. With a host of solid producers behind him, Brasel shines on tracks like the authentic yearning found on “The Game” and the infectious “Across The World (The Mission).” A track like “Withdrawals” keeps the honesty flowing with its lovelorn message. “Through The Fire” is a smooth jam, with Brasel’s flow easy and rich, while album closer “All At Once” ends things on a laid-back note.

In the end, Destined For Greatness delivers on most of its promise.

—Andrew Greenhalgh

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