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To Speak Of Wolves – ‘Dead In The Shadow’ album review
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Solid State

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“Braided Bay”

To Speak Of Wolves – ‘Dead In The Shadow’ album review

To Speak Of Wolves, CCM Magazine - image

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In many ways, To Speak Of Wolves’ latest album title Dead In The Shadow (buy) completely explains where they are now as a band…and where they’ve been. On an estranged hiatus since 2012, they’ve left the depths of near extinction to re-emerge with label Solid State and give the fans what they’ve wanted—which, was the genesis of Dead In The Shadow—new life, and new music. Bringing it like screamo has never gone out of style (which, apparently it hasn’t), the album’s most stellar shrieks are heard on “Enemies To Everyone,” “Haunt Me,” and “Braided Bay.” The track “Touch,” placed toward the end of the record, showcases the band’s ability to rock upon layers of complex arranging and intricate thematic billows.


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