The Neverclaim: ‘The Joy’ album review
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Our God Wins

The Neverclaim: ‘The Joy’ album review

The Neverclaim’s new indie pop-rock album, The Joy, reminds listeners that, through Christ, true joy can be found amidst the ups and downs of life. “Almost every song on this new project is centered around the joy of the Lord as our strength,” says front man Jeremiah Carlson. The band leader worked alongside mates Chuck Hill (bass), Mitchell Maldonado (guitar/keys), and Beji George (drums) to create songs such as the upbeat medley “Our God Wins,” the celebratory ode “Through Christ,” and the rock-infused title track. The band’s pop-rock style is fresh, energetic, and compelling—filled with songs that fans will want to listen to time and again.


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