Soul Survivor ‘Standing On The Edge’ Review
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Soul Survivor ‘Standing On The Edge’ Review

Soul Survivor
Standing On The Edge
(Integrity Music)

For over 20-plus years, Soul Survivor, the ministry launched by Mike Pilavachi, has labored to bring worship, teaching, and ministry opportunities to U.K.-based students and families. In addition, Soul Survivor has also served as a launching pad for popular worship leaders and artists like Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, and Paul Oakley. Now the creative collective is back with its latest offering, Standing On The Edge, a compilation that seeks to capture the excitement and passion of this past summer’s gatherings and their focus on living “naturally supernatural” lives.

Worship leader Tom Smith handles most of the heavy lifting here and manages well, delivering soulful and heartfelt takes on familiar tracks like “Tremble” and “Living Hope” while his original song “Everyday” steals the show with it’s soaring chorus and vertical lyrics that acknowledge our great dependence on God. Fellow worship leader Beth Croft delivers beautiful energy on a cover of “Who You Say I Am” and goes deep with a spontaneous moment on “For You (Moment #2).” Add in a few tracks from favorites Rend Collective, a group that always delivers, and Guvna B and the setlist holds strong.

Filled with praise and excitement, Soul Survivor’s Standing On The Edge presents a passionate collection of familiar live worship.

–Andrew Greenhalgh

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