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Selah – ‘Unbreakable’ album review
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Selah – ‘Unbreakable’ album review

Selah, CCM Magazine - image

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Vocal trio Selah, currently comprised of Todd Smith, Allan Hall and Amy Perry, return with their first non-compilation collection in nearly three years. The results find the eight-time Dove Award-winners turning in an inspirational batch split between originals, covers of fellow Christian artists and a selection of classic hymns. The variety-filled project includes the group’s first-ever flirtation with ‘80s-centric dance beats on the bubbly title cut, the African-influenced “This Little Light Of Mine (He Will Shine)” and a clever combination of “Got Any Rivers” with lauded singer-songwriter Leslie Phillips’ “Carry You.” Add in some production by Charlie Peacock and a guest appearance by Ron Block of Alison Krauss & Union Station (to name but a few of the many noteworthy collaborations), and Selah soars back even more Unbreakable (buy) than before.


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