Sek Hao ‘Be’ EP Album Review
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(Jumuro Music)

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Sek Hao ‘Be’ EP Album Review

Sek Hao
Be – EP
(Jumuro Music)

With wild synth flourishes, indie-rock energy, and earnest songwriting rooted in faith, Sek Hao has made a grand entrance onto the music scene with his debut EP Be, and we’re sure he’s here to stay. This young artist from Malaysia found inspiration in Switchfoot when he was 13, went on to study contemporary music in college, and caught the attention of Jumuro Music. This passion for music radiates from every song, from the frenetic energy of “Outshine” to the introspective “Still Knows.” Maybe one of the best moments on the album is “Here,” a solid pop song with a contemporary sound and singable hook.

There’s still plenty of room for him to grow in the realm of production and songwriting. Be sometimes feels all over the place stylistically, but that comes with a new artist finding his sound. Still, there’s something really impressive here, and if indie rock and electronic pop is your style and you’re looking for something new, Sek Hao is an artist you won’t want to miss.

–Jen Rose Yokel

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