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Scott Brownson – ‘Camp Songs’ album review
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"Everyone Matters" (feat. Brooklyn Brownson)
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Scott Brownson – ‘Camp Songs’ album review

Scott Brownson, CCM Magazine - image

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With the release of Camp Songs (buy) it’s evident that the former Pivitplex front man has turned in his leather rock star jacket for something a little more flannel, but it definitely fits this first full-length solo project for Scott Brownson. Camp Songs—a project that embodies Brownson’s full-time Montana dwelling, on staff for Clydehurst Christian Ranch—features a batch of brand new, easy-to-sing choruses and songs perfect for congregational settings big and small, Sunday church or just good-time ’round-the-fire strummin’ and stompin’. The contents herein display a beautiful blend of upbeat worship and praise to our Savior (“Joy,” “My Hope Is In You,” “Life,” and “Startin’ A Fire feat. Holy Mntn.“) to more introspective songs like “I Lay It Down” (which is an upgraded version from a previous EP) featuring lines like, “Why am I holding on so tight, to anxiety and pride? / Gotta let ’em go…” adding an added depth to a collection bookended by a sing-songy, campfire-like timbre and spirit. Futhermore, and claiming the album’s highlight moment, is the song “Everyone Matters” featuring Brownson’s own daughter Brooklyn. Challenging some of today’s more politically charged notions, the twelve year-old’s performance singing, “Why should I worry? My God is rest / His name is Mercy, I am so blessed / O, He is patient, not through with me yet” is immediately disarming and delivers a simplicity and innocence to remind all of us—young and old—that we are all children made in the image of God.


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