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Satellites & Sirens – ‘TANKS’ album review
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Satellites & Sirens – ‘TANKS’ album review

Satellites & Sirens, CCM Magazine - image

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You won’t find a more relevant-sounding album that’s been released in the Christian market recently than TANKS (buy) by Nashville pop-rock outfit Satellites & Sirens. Boldly staking the claim that synth-anthems are here to stay, the fellas lead this charge with all the right feels on this one. With the emotional strains of Jimmy Eat World throughout, the album is riddled with memorable melody lines and expert vocal work by front man Geoff Hunker, as it stacks up to anything that’s currently coming from your dial. “Old Souls [feat. Ronnie Petkovich]” and “Control” are standouts on an album that’s solid track-by-track.


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