Rhett Walker Band “Rhett Walker Band EP” Album Review
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Rhett Walker Band “Rhett Walker Band EP” Album Review

Rhett Walker Band
Rhett Walker Band EP

There is a serious dearth of Southern Christian rock and roll and we need it because, let’s face it, the combo of vocal twang, gritty guitar sounds, and divine harmonies is simply magical. Rhett Walker Band out of Nashville, Tennessee has been providing that magic since 2012, and it continues on their new self-titled EP.

The Rhett Walker Band specializes in two kinds of songs: the kind that you belt out in the car with the windows rolled down and the kind that’s made for front porches on summer nights. “Peace in the Family” is a hand-clapping paean to unity that calls to mind Needtobreathe, while the grungy guitars that kick-off “Love Does” are reminiscent of the Allman Brothers.

This EP is solid all the way through, but the closer “Heavenly Home” is the one that you’ll be singing hours later. Rhett Walker Band has made a record that’s catchy, memorable, and, above all, loads of fun.

–John Barber


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