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Remedy Drive – ‘The North Star’ album review
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Remedy Drive – ‘The North Star’ album review

Remedy Drive, CCM Magazine - image

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As one of CCM Magazine‘s first album reviews for the year, we can confidently say that Remedy Drive‘s The North Star (buy) will be one of 2018’s releases-to-remember. Front man David Zach continues to write and record inspired by and for the benefit of his efforts in abolishing human slavery. If his ultra-passionate performances are just an inkling of his outpouring in his partnerships with organizations like The Exodus Road, the world is a much, much better place with Zach & friends in it. Musically speaking, The North Star incorporates a nice and unique blend of 80’s-tinged jangly guitars and squeaky-clean synth-pads, complete with notes of modern hip hop and dissonant tones that are just uncomfortable enough to move us from our chairs. From there, we have to believe that all intentions behind The North Star are rooted in the hope that some would turn that movement into real-life action. With its lyrical content rich in advocacy and awareness, it will be an exciting road for the lives of the songs therein, and for those who are called to travel alongside them.


For more on counter-trafficking and Remedy Drive’s work with The Exodus Road, please CLICK HERE

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