Praytell ‘It’s Almost Christmas, Vol. 2’ Album Review
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(Thorndale Records)

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Praytell ‘It’s Almost Christmas, Vol. 2’ Album Review

It’s Almost Christmas, Vol. 2
(Thorndale Records)

Praytell, the combined musical efforts of married couple Jon and Valerie Guerra, is here to inject some holiday cheer into a troubled world. It’s Almost Christmas, Vol. 2, is a jan-gly, bright Christmas album that’s a mix of holiday classics and originals.

While Praytell imbues their vibrant and infectious sound into familiar tunes like “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Jingle Bells,” it’s the original songs that you’ll be humming under your breath for days. “Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday,” which features Christmas wishes in languages from all over the world, is a joyous, clap-along celebration of the harmony that Christmas brings to different cultures.

“Baby, It’s Christmas Time” is a sweet and romantic duet that will make you wish you’d never heard “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” before. The album closes with a gorgeous reimag-ining of “Silent Night” that soars with beautiful harmonies and mournful strings. It’s Al-most Christmas, Vol. 2 will be the album that you put on repeat this season and never grow tired of.

–John Barber

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